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Covid Cowgirls: Mother- Daughter- Granddaughter

When the pandemic swept across the globe, our world, as well as our livelihoods, were turned upside down. However, instead of surrendering to the chaos, we embarked on a daring adventure. For years, the three of us had fantasized about owning a ranch, complete with animals and a serene country lifestyle. Upon visiting a local ranch in Schulenburg, we immediately fell in love with its idyllic charm, and knew that it was the area we wanted to live.

After only a few months, we stumbled upon a picturesque homestead that had been abandoned due to changes in ownership. Despite its state of disrepair, we recognized the potential it held and eagerly took it on as our diamond in the rough.

Our dream officially began on October 15, 2020, and with it came a significant amount of hard work. The property had no operational well or septic system, and the house was uninhabitable. Nevertheless, we were determined to see our vision through and quickly set about purchasing small cabin shells to create two habitable homes, dig a well, install a septic system, and immerse ourselves in the intricacies of rural Texas.

Although the journey has been arduous, we wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.


As COVID Cowgirls, we have discovered that anything is possible with perseverance and a little bit of faith.



Phase I - COMPLETE - Build out the cabins and create livable infrastructure

Phase II - ONGOING - Buy or adopt a whole slew of animals! We will never be done!! <EVIL LAUGH> 

Phase III - COMPLETE - Renovate the old farmhouse


What's Next?

While we first, and foremost, want to preserve this beautiful land, we also want to continue to identify opportunities to share it with others, and the knowledge we have gathered over the last few years.  

On the horizon:

  • The Country Store at KSR

  • Ranch Experience Tours

  • Crafts, painting and woodworking at The Barn at KSR

  • Farmer's Markets

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