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Wayback Blog: Belinda's 1st Time Seeing KSR

As the story goes, Brandie managed to persuade me to purchase the ranch without setting foot on the property. To be fair, she did provide a virtual tour through a video call, giving me a basic sense of the place.

Fast forward to August, and we find ourselves flying back to the area, ready to truly experience what we had committed to. As we wander through the property, the surreal feeling of ownership settles in, yet a lingering doubt remains—can we really make this work?

Recently, I stumbled upon this video and was struck by three distinct thoughts:

a. Our remarkable naiveté about, well, pretty much everything!

b. The impressive progress we've made in turning our vision into reality

c. The fascinating perception of time—feeling like both an eternity and a fleeting moment has passed in just two and a half years

So sit back, relax, and enjoy this video offering a glimpse into our initial impressions and aspirations! (Apologies it cuts off short at the end!)

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